Chillag winery – A Slow Wine

Chillag winery established in 1999 under the ownership and management of Ms. Orna Chillag, an Oenology studies graduate at the University of Milan

Chillag was an apprentice in the famous Antinori winery in Toscany, where she was a partner in the creation of the winery’s flagship wine – Guado al Tasso

In 2001 Chillag was granted with an Italian knighthood title – Castellana, a title given only to a limited number of women around the world for their contribution to the wine industry and the promotion of humanity

.Orna Chillag is a member of Le Donne del Vino association, an organization that promotes women in the wine industy

:Chillag winery vision
Allowing the grapes time to ripen in ideal conditions
Allowing fermentation time to occur naturally
Allowing young wine time to age in French oak barrels, until it adsorbs all the flavors and aromas
Allowing the wine to have all the time it needs to age, mature and improve post-bottling

:Our series


.Primo series is the premium wine of Chillag Winery
.It is produced only in High quality vintages years from the best part of Chillag’s vineyard. Every barrel is tasted by the wine maker and only wine from extraordinary barrels is used to produce Chillag Prim wine. Primo series is aged over 24 months in French oak barrels, and then bottle-aged at least two years until released to the market. Chillag Primo label assure highest level of wine
Primo Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Solo series from Chillag winery created from barrels that found
.to be better than others and therefore kept longer period in the barrels – up to 24 month
.Solo sires of wine gives excellent extraordinary wine in affordable price

Vivo series of Chillag winery is the best value for
money. 2013 was an extraordinary harvest year and all
the wines of this series are balanced and each wine
represent the type of grapes it is created. One year in
the barrels and 3 years mature in the bottles soften the
tannins and the wine is ready for drinking from now to
.years to come